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JellyBean Collection


1.Our Jellybean Collection now offers only 4oz bottles of its kids hair oil. (You can still purchase the original 6oz bottles for a limited time seperately along with this collection here  (


This bundle package includes the following:

(1) 8oz Gentle Shampoo

(1) 8oz Gentle Conditioner

(1) 8oz Hair Lotion

(1) 8oz Detangling Hair Milk

(1) 4oz Hair Oil


Shelf Life: Because we pride ourselves on using premium natural and organic ingredients, expect 6-8 months of freshness. Refrigerate to extend shelf life.


BENEFITS: Gently cleanse, detangle, soften and condition your child's hair.

Our products make it easy to comb through your jellybeans hair with ease.

Does not contain any harsh softeners that overtime weaken hair and cause it to break.

Helps nourish and strengthen hair, while protecting agasint breakage.

Just as good for adult use.

JellyBean Collection

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