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After my daughter was born, my life was completely turned upside down in the greatest way. I always tell the story that she showed me the meaning of "stopping to smell the roses". As with any first time parent, you want to do everything right but parenthood is not an end goal, its a journey.  Now what does this have to do with hair you might ask..right?

Well, everything you go through in life is a journey, everything!

There are some journeys you can control and there are some journeys that you have to learn about along the way. But what about the journeys we take for granted?... like our hair.

Our hair is just as precious as a child. 

Delicate, Fragile, Bold, Loud, Adventurous, Unpredictable, Needy and much more

Either you know it or not, your hair journey is a representation of who you are. 

What have you learned about yourself through your neglect or care for your hair?

Do you know the story about your hair? The real one?

Whatever your answer is, we are not here to judge.

With so much going on in your life between work, school and/or any other demanding responsibilities, JournEssentials Haircare was create to help take away the guessing, trial and error, and alleviate some of the tension and drama you might have with your hair.

Everyone's hair tells a story. We want to learn yours.

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