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Fix My Scalp Collection


1.Our Fix My Scalp Collection now offers only 4oz bottles of its zinc hair oil. (You can still purchase the original 6oz bottles for a limited time seperately along with this collection here (


This bundle package includes the following:

(1) 8oz Scalp Fix Zinc Shampoo

(1) 8oz Scalp Fix Zinc Conditioner

(1) 4oz Scalp Fix Zinc Infused Hair Oil


Shelf Life: Because we pride ourselves on using premium natural and organic ingredients, expect 6-8 months of freshness. Refrigerate to extend shelf life.


BENEFITS: Formulated with the essential mineral "Zinc" to help people dealing with scalp troubles such as dandruff, flakes, itchiness, dermatisis and sensitivities. This line was designed to help deal with a problematic scalp. 

Fix My Scalp Collection

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